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Bunker Price Oil-Future-Connect (OFC)

"Bunker Price Oil-Future-Connect (OFC)" means that bunker prices you find below, are connected to Oil Future’s variations.

Everything starts with the bunker market’s physical price in each port; once established oil future changes will adjust the starting price continuously every 30 seconds. The physical price should follow the oil future curve as close as possible.

Bunker Prices Oil-Future-Connect (OFC).

Oil Futures can now be used as the new reference point, New Benchmark. Market already use's Oil Futures to a certain extent, but the new reference points are being used more as long-term price guidance. Now it is time to start having a better correlation between physical market and oil futures.

North Europe
Ports 380 cSt MGO LS Date
Please note that above mentioned prices are indicative and connected to Oil Futures updated every 30 sec.
Prices published might differ from the physical market due to slow correlation between Oil Futures and physical prices.


Prices published are only indications and may therefore vary.
Marine Bunker Exchange takes no responsibility for any market decisions taken on the basis of such indications.